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Heidi P. L. - Pour Love.

A passion of mine is creating modern art With acrylic paint mixed with different pouringmediums.

I love to share my jurney of learning, making mistakes and troubleshooting. My learningprocess and my bright son, is what set of this jurney in the pouring art world.

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Join me on YouTube, this is where it all started,😁 I post a new creation video, 3 times a week, usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sometimes IRL comes and mess with my plans, and i have to adjust. Joining me with subscription, wiewing, likes and comments on my videos help my channel grow. This is a great way to help and support me, at no cost for you.This is a great way to connect.

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Acrylic pouring and mixed media

A few selected pieces

Click the picture to see the creation of the piece.


Deconstructed landscape with bloom technique in beautiful ColourArte' pigments and goldens fluid. on a 30x40 cm. canvas.

click picture for full creation video.

Soft Rose

Bloom spinout in soft pinks and purple on 30x40 cm. canvas

Click picture for full creation video


A new technique I'm diving into with both pigments and tube paints. 30x30 cm. canvas

Click picture for full creation video.

one of my videos of a deconstructed landscapes

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